Home Partnership, Inc.

Housing Counseling

Pre-Purchase Counseling

Interested in knowing how much home you can afford? How your job and credit histories might affect your ability to purchase a home? Do you have questions about real estate contracts or mortgage rates and terms? Looking for funds for down payment and/or closing costs? Sign up for an intensive one-on-one session with the housing counselor to evaluate your prospects of purchasing a home.

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Homebuyer Education Classes 

All Homebuyer Education Classes require a registration fee of $100.00 (fee includes purchaser and/or co-purchaser).  To sign-up, please complete registration and payment via our Homebuyer Education Program page.

Scholarships are available; please complete the Homebuyer Education Scholarship Request application and email or fax to us at counselor@homepartnershipinc.org or 410-679-3208. 

Registration fee is non-refundable. You may reschedule if you are unable to attend the class for which you registered.

Post Purchase Counseling

It generally takes the help of many committed professionals to buy a home. After you have settled on the house, remember, Home Partnership, Inc. is still willing to work for you. To fully realize the benefits of homeownership as a wealth-building tool that adds to your personal security and the stability of our communities, good financial management, regular property maintenance and good neighboring all play a part. Don't wait until you feel burdened by debt. Be sure to contact us before considering major changes like refinancing your home. Let us know if you have homeownership questions or concerns. What to bring.

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Default and Delinquency Counseling

Fallen behind on your mortgage payments? You're not alone and you may have recourse. Find out what options you may have from a HUD certified counseling organization.

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